Two best friends who believe in the power of soulful images & the passionate documentation of milestones great & small.

We are the women of Anée Atelier—native New Yorkers and natural-born storytellers, with two creative minds and adventurers’ hearts. We are more than just cameras—we are catalysts. The ones most likely to say something along the lines of, “we should find some camels for this,” then circle back an hour later, furry friends in tow. We gravitate towards authenticity and relish in opportunities to abandon our comfort zones. We believe the best cocktails are the ones upstaged by incredible company, and that the best experiences are sewn in roots of atmospheric aesthetics, culture and quirks. We are the yin to each other’s yang—a power couple of creative duos. And certain that, of the thousands of photographers in New York City, there are absolutely none like us.

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Gina Esposito, Owner & Principal Photographer

Gina Esposito is an award-winning photographer, with more than 16 years of experience capturing weddings…

and black-tie affairs throughout Manhattan, the Hamptons and the greater New York City area. Her style blends the art of storytelling with candid photojournalism and dramatic composure; pairing her industry expertise with a love of raw emotion. Gina's holds a degree in Photographic Imaging and an acclaimed portfolio that includes compelling portraiture, editorial and travel photography, shot on film and digital.

Though currently based in downtown Manhattan, Gina often shoots across the nation and abroad, traveling for work and play to destination weddings throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean. In her free time, Gina can be found exploring remote locations via Jeep, drone or any place the inexplicably poor navigation skills of best friend/frequent co-pilot, Sheena Meekins may take them (details below). 

Sheena Meekins, Owner & Principal Photographer

Sheena Meekins is a seasoned creative who co-founded Anée Atelier following an esteemed eight-year career in publishing.

During her time at Condé Nast and Time Inc., Sheena worked for titles including Teen Vogue, Vogue, People, StyleWatch and Essence Magazine. The two-time Marketer of the Year specialized in content creation for brand partners across the fashion and retail industries.

A desire for creative pursuits outside the world of magazines led her to follow her passion for photography full-time. Her dynamic background and spirited vision can be seen throughout her work—an elevated aesthetic informed by the Vogue standard, an eye for culture developed in New York City and a playful curiosity all her own.

On any given day, you can find Sheena lost in her latest music obsession, plotting her next international adventure or coming up with a clever list of alternative nicknames, because yes, “Sheena and Gina" definitely rhyme.

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