Inbal & Carissa - Please Take A Bow



Don’t let the big tires and tech gear fool you—we’re photographers, but we’re girly girls at heart. So when we see a gown like Carissa Bentley’s knockout number, we put the cameras down and take the requisite moment to swoon in the presence of such perfectly layered lace. 

And how could we not? Anyone with a pulse and even the faintest fashion sense would do a hard triple-take in a mere Inbal Dror drive-by. Because this isn't just a dress. It’s a work of sheer artistry from the supremely impressive designer that's quickly making “Dror” a household name. 

Our encounter began just like any other summer Saturday. We arrived at the bridal suite, calm and unassuming; greeted by the equally beautiful (soon-to-be) Mrs. Bentley. After introductions with warm family and winsome bridesmaids, we took in the subtle current of pre-ceremony buzz, grabbed a few lenses and got right to work. 

It was then that we slipped into an adjacent suite—a simple attempt to capture the jewelry and accessories, not knowing “she” would be waiting in the window. 

But there it was. Our first Dror encounter of the season. Layers of ivory culminating in a tulle train, draped in tapered lace. A trail of traditional buttons, giving way to a delicate mermaid silhouette. Crystal beading and appliqué straps leading into the deep, T-shaped cutouts of an embroidered lace back. This could only mean one thing.

We fell into a momentary state of dream-like adoration and finally snapped-to with one name on our lips—Inbal Dror.  The Israeli bridal genius has (unknowingly) sparked many-a-Instagram arguments over which of her stunning style was “ours.”

But now, here it was and one thing was clear—this one belonged to Carissa. And if the custom hanger left room for question, her glove-like fit was undeniable. This one was made for Carissa and beautiful wedding day to follow. 

So kudos to both the beauty and the brains behind this style stunning duo. You ladies have us ALL taking notes.