Pre-Season Playdates


When its 65 degrees in early March, a sort of frenzy emerges as (otherwise) social beings escape from their lairs, in search of fresh, coat-less adventures and the slightest taste of anything resembling Vitamin D. Whether a product of global warming or a late-winter mercy gift from God Himself, these warm weather gems call for nothing short of excessive celebration. 

And celebrate we did. Complete with all the sequins, pomp and circumstance one can muster with a gracious 48-hour warning from 

The location of choice: a little sliver of bohemian bliss, also know as the new Francis West flagship boutique. After a quick trip out of the city, we joined NYC hair goddess,Nikki Avanzino, assembled the glam squad at Elle B Make Up Studio, secured a selection of gowns and accessories from whimsy Wonder Woman, Carol Hannah and let the playtime begin. 

Our vision—to draw inspiration from the designs themselves. Mythical meets minimalist, at the intersection of early spring.