Rock This Way - A Bachelorette Shoot In The Rockaways


What do you get when you pair a New York City beach bungalow, with a bachelorette weekend,   some tres-chic Manhattanites and the perfect summer sunset? THIS. And two very happy photogs who would do this again in. a. heartbeat.

When our November bride-to-be, Teressa, asked if we could help kickoff her bachelorette weekend with a bridesmaids shoot in The Rockaways, we couldn't agree fast enough. Of course, the concept of a bachelorette weekend has long been a staple of pre-wedding festivities. But the bachelorette photo shoot is still an up and coming trend all it's own, and one that we hope will continue in the months ahead. 

Because while the wedding is the celebration of two lovers, the bachelorette is a celebration of the friendships that existed long before the fiancé. Often with sisters and soulmates who deserve a proper moment to toast, laugh, dance, play, party or just chill with on a Brooklyn beachside. 

And Teressa did just that. With a little assist from an adorable Air BNB in Rockaway Beach, hair styling, makeup and confetti canons introduced by yours truly (#guilty).

So now that these ladies have set the bar HIGH... who's up next? :)

Teressa Son_BacheloretteShoot-111.jpg