What’s In A Name?



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We both firmly believe that a name holds great power, and also great potential. Not only to communicate history or announce identity, but to cast vision for a future and help shape the formation of our dreams. In a more pragmatic sense, a name is also whatever we make of it. The title that will have the privilege of carrying whatever legacy we’re building today. 

But before we delve into the new name, perhaps we begin by shedding a little light on the old name first. Gina originally founded Gina Esposito Photography intending it to be a one-woman show. That is, until I came along and ruined all of that. What began as effortlessly as two friends running around with cameras, finding reasons to shoot, play, create, film or drone beautiful places and captivating people; soon evolved into a series of successful collaborations and events that laid the foundation of our current partnership running Gina Esposito, Inc. together.

When I first came on board, we decided it was best to continue using “Gina Esposito, Inc.” for a short time, then keep our eyes open for the day when divine intervention will inevitably deliver the title we’ve been waiting for. For the record—that's not at all how it happened. After years of business as usual, and no lightening bolts of inspiration raining down from the skies, we continued indefinitely under the original name. But a few months ago, as we rounded the final quarter of 2017 and looked into the incredible season lined up ahead, we knew the time had finally come. 

Luckily, a recent experience and a long-standing moniker proved to be the catalyst we’d been waiting for. Thus “Anée Atelier” stemmed, ironically enough, from something old and something new. The something old, Anée—derived from a joint nickname graciously bestowed on us by friends who have all too much fun with our rhyming names. And the something new—fresh inspiration from a recent trip to Paris. “Atelier” (pronounced “at-til-e-yay”) is a French word for a studio or artist workshop, and as it turns out “Anée” (pronounced “a-nay”) means “God has shown favor.” Needless to say, that sealed the deal. 

We began the process of launching into the New Year and stepping into this new season with a name that communicates every ounce of artistry, collaboration, excellence and faith that truly make up the fibers of our boutique. It’s not only representative of who we are and how we work, but the atmosphere we carry in all we do.

So here’s to going forward with a new title, fresh vision and the awesome responsibility of building “Anée” a legacy that lives up to our every dream.