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There’s an art to reading a room—knowing how to influence a moment with a graceful, unobtrusive presence. A certain je ne sais quoi that cultivates an atmosphere of confidence and consistency. We are the women who built the Anée Atelier culture; the intimate experience couples prefer and the editorial-inspired imagery they crave. We are the eyes of their greatest celebrations. Those entrusted, not to tell a generic story, but the tailored narrative of their love. So that all our couples ever have to be, is themselves.



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Sheena Meekins  oWNER & Principal Photographer

Sheena Meekins oWNER & Principal Photographer

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evocative IMAGES

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milestones great & small

Gina Esposito  owner & Principal Photographer

Gina Esposito owner & Principal Photographer

Anée Ethos

Anée Ethos

The deepest convictions at our core. Because sound character keeps you grounded, and creativity lets you soar. 


Call it ardency or joie de vivre, there’s literally nothing that makes us come to life like capturing a powerful image. It sets our hearts ablaze, reminding us just how crazy blessed we are to do what we love. We pour our all into our craft—serving incredible people with iconic images. Curating mico-stories, subtle moments and major milestones into one mesmeric canvas that not only celebrates the destination, but the journey as well.


We attribute everything to excellence, leaving nothing to chance. With fifteen years experience and impeccable attention to detail, we honor even the most modest nuance; from personal touches throughout the decor, to the slightest dynamics in our client’s relationships. Precision is everything.


We built Anée Atelier on a foundation of friendship and creative play, and that’s exactly the atmosphere we carry every time we pick up a camera. An infectious chemistry, stirred each time we get to collaborate with someone new. The result: an experience that feels much more like catching up with friends than chasing the shot.


A little social prowess goes a long way. We pride ourselves on our ability to read the room; knowing how to thoughtfully navigate couples, families, bridal parties and guests with efficiency and grace. We can effortlessly wrangle a crowd in one moment, and move imperceptibly through a room in the next. This is where we thrive—seamlessly immersed in the delicate balance of subtlety and savoir-faire.

 Anée Away
Let our team of Travel Curators take you away

Traveling to destinations from the Hamptons to Hawaii, Antigua to Abu Dhabi, Iceland to Israel, we’ve seen some of the most breathtaking moments of love and landscapes. Naturally, Anée Away was born; an exclusive invitation to access our team of seasoned Travel Curators, ensuring your next adventures are as effortless as they are enthralling. Let us take you away.