Maze + Mirage


Maze + Mirage: The Israeli Encore Editorial that’s still giving us high-fashion heat stroke

I know what you’re thinking. You ladies were half-way across the world, shooting a couple casually straddling each other on a camel in the middle of the Negev Desert? Yes, that happened. And in the million-mile blur that was wedding season 2018, our epic Israeli shoot has largely remained under wraps, until now.

Pinch and prod the photo carefully, and you may recognize this couple from the 2017 engagement shoot where we first had the pleasure of meeting Meital and Jonathan. These fellow New Yorkers first approached us for an engagement session, which promptly led to discussions of capturing their June 2018 wedding in Meital’s hometown of Ra’anana, Israel. Though we were heartbroken to learn that we were already booked on their wedding date, the conversation quickly advanced to the possibility of a post-wedding shoot throughout the couple’s beloved country of Israel. 

Within a few months, the playful jests of whimsical “what if’s” and bucket list banter, quickly evolved into vision boards, travel itineraries and a full-blown creative collaboration we’ve since deemed the “Encore Editorial”. A real couple’s post-wedding encore shoot, elevated by all the locations and risk-taking looks one can’t always feasibly accomplish on a single wedding day. But give us three days for an Israeli adventure (pause for sound of flood gates opening) and it's. ON. (::cue camels, couture, dead-sea, drones…Jerusalem::)

As plans progressed, so did the emergence of a creative concept that wove itself throughout the experience, Maze + Mirage. Imagined as an authentic editorial that explores the romantic dichotomy between Israel’s ancient Mediterranean cities and it's unique desert landscape. We sought to highlight elaborate design within the maze of the old cities; and fluid, ultra-feminine silhouettes, set in the desert like a Dead Sea mirage. 

But to approach the gates of Jerusalem, we knew it would require no less than divine-inspiration. Hence, Galia Lahav; the Israeli-based designer who’s extravagant details are every bit as intricate as the old city streets themselves. These four Galia Lahav gowns were balanced with the iconic simplicity of three sleek Amsale styles and two additional modern looks from custom bridal designer, Nathalie Kraynina. The first designer representing Meital’s Israeli roots, the later, a statement of her current New York City home.

Looks feature a variety of accessories from Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart and one particularly unique Carol Hannah veil-turned-one-of-a-kind-bridal-headwrap under the genius of Hair Stylist, Nikki Avanzino. Add to that the talents of Make-up Goddess Jaclyn Accetta of Fede Insieme, and it's safe to say Jonathan's wedding gift to Meital was the glamorous realization of her wildest dreams. 

From the City of David, to Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, each of the nine looks continued to raising the stakes until our adventure culminated, most appropriately, with death by high-fashion heat stroke, at the Dead Sea.

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